Do you feel stuck, stressed, in pain, below par?



You have come to the right place! We all have times when our wellbeing is lost in a boggy marsh. It’s easy to forget we can do something about it. I don’t mean putting up with it or hoping it will go away (!) What I had in mind was finding an effective way to transform what’s bogging us down so that our lives can open up and up and up…

Welcome to my work!

I am a Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Accredited Transformational Life Coach, and I offer coaching and healing sessions to help you do just that.

Who can it help?

If you have a creative block around your work, a supreme sticking point that nothing will shift or fix, head over to my Queen of the Stuck Busters section…

If you have a fear around shining your light in the world, ‘getting out there’… you want to move forward, but something is always sabotaging you or holding you back, take a look at How to Shine

If you want to improve your emotional or physical wellbeing, you’ll find inspiration here:-

Healing Consultations

Video from last year’s retreat at Omassim in Portugal:-

Retreat in Portugal – Find and Follow Your Purpose

And for more about me, simply click on About Kathryn

‘Kathryn is insightful, skilled and elegant in her work. She is caring and compassionate and has really made a difference to me emotionally, physically and also in the way I look at things. Above all it’s great fun working with her. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.’

Sally, business owner and writer