About Kathryn

A life, work and teaching built around the value of the inner world

There are no prizes for overcoming inner dragons and following inner guidance…

But Kathryn wishes there were. She would like to live in a world where the invisible powers of love, life force energy and the body’s innate ability to heal itself were honoured – and a person was valued more for their wisdom and the vibrational level they had achieved through committed inner work than how much they earned…

She would love people to know how easy it is to find the doorways and pathways within themselves to re-connect with the wisdom waiting for them in their bodies and their deeper selves…and the wonderful changes that can occur on an active spiritual and healing journey! Not only for themselves, because when we choose to raise our consciousness and awareness, there is a collective effect as well as a personal one, so everyone benefits.

Kathryn understood from an early age that wisdom and guidance are found within.

Her approach to healing and coaching has evolved through 37 years of daily inner development – both personal and spiritual:-

“I have been sifting life experiences, sensations, feelings like someone panning for gold in the murky streams and backwaters of life, ” she says. “I’ve lived from the inside out – in a contemplative way, putting my insights and learning into practise, testing out theories, holding on to what I find of value and letting the rest go…”

She has always sought to develop her ability to nurture others and help them recognise and open to their deeper potential. She has worked in many community settings, in both paid and voluntary capacities, with individuals and groups with a wide range of different needs. She has also worked for many years in the public and private sectors in the field of marketing and public relations. She holds a degree in English and is a CIPD qualified trainer. She has also trained in psychosynthesis psychotherapy, counselling and transformational coaching.

Kathryn now runs her own full time healing and coaching practise.

In addition to being a qualified Quantum-Touch Instructor, she has trained with international spiritual healer, Anne Jones and has developed her healing skills to help people facing health or emotional issues, feeling blocked creatively or spiritually; or simply needing a catalyst to connect with their own inner guidance for greater understanding and the next steps to take.

Kathryn will help you to release the wisdom and power in your creative blocks and life experiences, and help you to accelerate your spiritual journey – taking you to places you just can’t reach on your own.

Some Testimonials About Kathryn

‘Above all, Kathryn’s work is generous and true. She has guided me to insights that I feel I have been searching for for years; all the while she keeps me grounded, open and supported, so these insights are effortlessly integrated into my life. I trust and recommend her 100%!’

Helen Sutton-Vidotto

‘When it comes to this type of work, I am extremely choosy who I let into
my energy field. Not only does the person have to be wonderful, their energy
has to be of a certain frequency, they need to work with integrity, work
from the heart, without judgement, be able to listen, and deliver results,
amongst other things!

Kathryn doesn’t just tick boxes, she has rewritten the list! She is awake,
aware and sensitive at every moment, which, I can tell you is a rare

I love working with her, some of the work has been of a highly sensitive and
delicate nature, and Kathryn creates a space that allows you to feel so safe
and natural that there are no issues of feeling awkward or self conscious
when opening up to allow change to happen.
Now I have found her, I will keep working with her, she is a trusted and
essential part of my spiritual journey.”

Claire B, London