I am currently offering TWO coaching programmes – Developing Your Healing Skills and The Powerhouse of Love


Who is it for?

Are you keen to develop your healing skills… but don’t know how or where to start?

Do you have a sense there is a greater healing capacity within you… but you need help to access it and activate it?

Perhaps you’d like to do more healing work… but find there’s always something standing in your way or stopping you?

Or maybe you have done healing courses and workshops, read endless books, done online courses and spent years trying to find the right healing modality… and you’re feeling overwhelmed? Or come to realise that you need to find the right person who can resonate with your particular calling and who can help you first of all find, and then speed along the healing path that’s right for you?

Programme Outline

This is a six month programme offering FOUR areas within which you can choose to develop your healing skills.


Areas Covered:

  • Vison and Mission – Where are you now and where do you want to go with your healing skills? Understanding what healing means to you
  • Motivation – Why healing? Why now? What sparked your interest? What do you want to learn? How ready are you? How would you like your healing skills to develop?
  • Discovering where you can have the greatest impact – the group of people you are most drawn and/or most equipped to help and how you can help them – what do you see happening in your life and the world as a consequence of developing your healing skills? What potential lies beyond that… and beyond…?
  • Creation of a Statement of Intent
  • Exploring your emerging Healing Skills Story


In this module we will explore your healing skills journey so far.

  • What have you learned? What do you know… and what don’t you know yet? What experiences and skills can you build on? What have you made of what you have learned?
  • How to value what you are bringing – the healing experiences that have moved you – yours and other peoples, your resources, knowledge, tools, skills, contacts, clients, successes and learnings. (this will develop throughout the programme, so we will begin by establishing your starting point)
  • Acknowledging your helpers and supporters – The people who support and facilitate your healing work
  • Confidence levels – which areas are you confident about? Which do you shy away from?
  • Exploration of the difference for you between healing gifts, skills and capacities.
  • What do you feel you need as your next step? Who and what is present and missing from your current healing store?


This module includes, but is not limited to, some or all of the following:-

How to develop your skills in listening, presence, being in the moment, being present in your body, silence, allowing, reflecting, being open and ready to accompany your clients wherever they need to go and trusting whatever needs to happen for healing to occur, while also holding their past, present and future…. Using the breath to stay present and channel healing energies, working with the power of intention, increasing awareness, intuition, listening to unspoken messages from your clients, how to move from the head to the heart and work with a highest vibrational energy of love, being human and vulnerable, sharing.

  • How to find and maintain inner peace
  • How to allow your own feelings  – tools and processes
  • How to live in your heart and body, rather than your head
  • How to learn from the everyday  experiences that touch you the most
  • How to protect yourself so that you aren’t affected by your clients issues, feelings and energies
  • Healing any deep, inner wounds and traumas
  • Becoming aware and transforming patterns, behaviours and feelings that are holding you back
  • Working with the light and dark within yourself

Please contact me to book your complementary 30 minute discovery session to see if this programme is right for you and fits what you are looking for and if it is right for us to work together.

Powerhouse of Love Coaching Programme

I am now taking bookings for my ‘Powerhouse of Love’ Coaching Programme.

Who is it for?

Specially created for those ready to ACCELERATE their healing and spiritual evolution to new levels.

I will hold space for you to explore some powerful movements within yourself:-

  • how to tap into and access the wisdom ready and waiting for you in your body
  • how to release trapped trauma, blocks and patterns holding you back
  • how to shift from living in your head to living in your heart
  • listening to the dialogues that need to be heard between your head, your heart, your body, your inner child, your soul and your spirit
  • how to release high vibrational energies of love from deep within yourself, and experience universal energies of love that surround, and integrate them into every breath you take
  • how to become a powerhouse of love in the world

…leaving you free, released, connected and empowered….

Please be in touch to arrange a complementary 30 minute Discovery Session to discuss what you would like to explore. Also to find out if we are the right ‘fit’ to work together. The number of sessions you would like to have is always up to you to decide.

Please email or Tel 07766 563466