Find and Follow Your Purpose
April 24th – 29th 2016
Some Highlights from the Retreat in video below:-
Look out for new programme of retreats coming up in 2017…!
Do you KNOW you were put on this planet for some reason?
Would you like to DISCOVER what that purpose IS?

Most people find it incredibly difficult to find their purpose on their own. Its call is persistent, loud; but also elusive and unclear.

However, if we take time out to connect more deeply with our purpose, our lives will start to open up, and it will bring its gifts of :-

* Fulfilment & Spiritual Connection
* Self-Esteem and Self-Value
* Greater Sense of Belonging
* Clarity & Direction
* Passion & Joy
* Energy
* Opportunities & Money

Here is your opportunity to get right away, take some time to be at peace in yourself and connect deeply with your purpose, enjoying all it is waiting to bring you, in the beautiful, healing environment of Omassim. Close to wild beaches with beautiful blue, clear skies by day, bright starry skies by night, and Spring wild flowers and nature walks all around.

Cost +£510 per person for a shared room for five days.

•    Four Hours of Daily Inner Transformation with Kathryn
•    Two 75 minute stunning yoga sessions per day with
Lia Muczenski and Special Guest
Teacher, Esmeralda Vere
•    Evening healing meditation
•    Five days of full board with gourmet vegetarian food

You can chill by the pool, swing in a hammock, go for walks, or book in for any of the optional extra sessions in the afternoons – including Thai massage, holistic massage, Ayurvedic Massage or AyurYoga Massage Kusum, Modak style, Reiki… Omassim is on a World Heritage Surfing site, so there are also surfing lessons available! (prices for all these extras available on request.)

Take a look behind the scenes at this most magical place, where this retreat is going to be held with Lia and Eduardo in their own words:-

Introduction to Omassim

Further details on the Retreat Event Page on Facebook click here

Feedback from last year’s retreat at Omassim:-

‘This has been a life-changing experience for me. I came here with great excitement and anticipation not knowing at all of what was in store for me. But the week has surpassed my expectations in every way…’

‘Coming to Omassim is like coming home – the loving environment, beautiful food, blissful treatments and out of this world yoga can be summed up as nourishing and nurturing…”I can’t wait to apply what I have learned when I get home.’

‘The massage is out of this world.’

‘I felt it was totally OK to do it in my own way – no right or wrong.’

‘I felt totally included and valued by everyone.’

‘Just by doing that which makes one feel happy, sparks the soul, ignites passion…ignites change and shifts towards Joy..towards being better able to Give….that’s the feeling in me now…’

‘I feel my life has moved forward to a better place and my spirituality has grown immensely.’

I invite you to join me for this sacred and transformational retreat.

Love and Blessings