Healing Consultations

I trust that the highest possible healing will take place for you. I will hold you in a high vibrational field of healing love throughout, and facilitate you to move from your mind into your body where we will trust whatever manifests as in need of healing and transformation in whatever way it appears (an image, pain, sensation, feeling etc…)

I will ‘hold’ you and stay present with you in each moment as you discover and relate to whatever is most hurting or ready to shift or be seen, we may dialogue with it or simply stay with it as it surfaces, gives you its wisdom and raison d’etre, and then watching as it gently transforms…

If there are stuck places, shock or trauma from the past that need big shifting- for example that have happened to you or come down from your family tree or DNA, I will bring in the energy to clear and release them at their root cause level once we have heard/felt why they are there and what they want to tell you – there may be times of quiet when it’s simply about you receiving the healing love at the exact vibration you need as I transfer it from my heart to yours, and at the end it’s best if you can allow 20mins to half an hour to relax and simply absorb all the healing energy.

Everyone has their own totally unique experience.  There’s no need to get it right or wrong.  Just bring an open-ness to what is there and what needs to happen, and we will simply attend to ‘what is’ with the greatest love and compassion together.

If you are worried you won’t be able to do it, just know that the wisdom of your body will do it anyway…!

If this sounds good, please be in touch to arrange a session.  As we’re working with energy, sessions work just as powerfully on the telephone, if you can’t make it in person.

Please be in touch to arrange your session and/or to discuss how healing might be able to help you.  Email kathryn@shiningonline.com or Tel: 07766 563466.