How To Shine

Yes I know, you know, we all know that you SHOULD be getting out there strutting your best stuff for the world to see. You love what you do. You know you have special work to share with the world, but I know, (as one who has been there…) that the whole thought of it makes you want to squeeze yourself into a teeny sardine tin and crank that unwiedly lid right back over you…

But you know you have the skills, the talent, the message that could change the world/improve someone else’s quality of life, right? But the nerves, the fear of failure (or too much success!), Yes, I know you know, you need to be get going, but… but…

Well…my friends, panic not! You have come to the right place…

In order to shine, it’s not just a question of following a plan

You have to feel right on the inside.

But what if every time you try to take action a stalk of fear shoots up within, gripping you like ivy; that seems to say ‘I am more powerful than you,’ and is resolved to thwart your best intentions?

I’ve spent a lifetime allowing whatever is standing in my way to show itself, and speak to me from its inner soapbox. I’ve learned more every day about how each fear comes not to hold me back so much as to teach me. It wants to be heard rather than suppressed.

I’ve learned how to breathe through fears and walk through them – and what do I find on the other side? Wisdom, insight, useful information, the power I need to move forward in a more integrated way. All these things were trapped in what I imagined were ‘negative’ forces of fears or self-saboteurs determined to dis-empower me.

So if you are ready to face the fear of going to the next level, and to experience what it wants to show you and where it wants to take you, I am happy to facilitate the process for you.

As you become freer in your deeper self and integrate the power and insight that is trapped inside your fears, you may find your ‘next steps’ appearing in front of you more naturally in tandem with the confidence to keep moving forward.

If this resonates with you, do wing me a message to arrange a session.