Queen of the Stuck Busters

Queen of the what….? Oh sorry, let me explain… In other words…I specialise in helping writers, spiritual warriors and other delightfully creative and courageous souls who are brilliant at managing their lives 99% of the time for that 1% of the time when they are totally stuck or blocked and no amount of trying to shift it or fix it makes any difference. It could be writer’s block, not being able to find or follow your calling, or just being aware that something is holding you back from moving forward.

It’s very stressful living with a block or ongoing frustration. It can cloud your life and the way you see the world, draining you of the ability to enjoy and be open to everyday moments in the way you would like to be.

In my personal practise of inner work, I have come to value blocks, fears, resistances and patterns as doorways into the understanding, vision and new perspectives my soul is crying out for. I know it’s my body’s way of grabbing my attention and saying ‘Listen to me! Look over here! Time to see this!’

That’s why you won’t hear me talking about ‘overcoming’ a fear, ‘solving’ a problem, ‘getting rid’ of a pain.

Phew! Isn’t that a relief?

People come to me because they know there’s gold in them there hills!

Value in what they are experiencing.

They are people who usually and easily work things out on their own, but this time the problem has gone on for so long that they have started to accept that they might need a little input from someone else…some kind of catalyst… to help activate their ability to re-connect to the wisdom and wonders within their deeper selves or kick-start the self-healing process of their body.

So how does it work?

You bring yourself, your block and your willingness to transform…

I will facilitate you to move out of the busyness of your mind and into an awareness of how the block is manifesting in your body. Trusting in your body’s infinite intelligence and power to heal and transform at the perfect time and in the perfect way, together we will see what it is ready to reveal and release.

This may involve perceiving your block on a totally different level which will release new insights and perspectives – We will see what happens to it as we start to pay attention to it like a movie; we may ‘listen’ to it or dialogue with it – whatever feels appropriate as we go along.

I work with the powers of highest intention, attention and awareness, and bring my ability to stay fully present and engaged with you moment by moment to facilitate the process.

As a fully trained Quantum-Touch Practitioner, I will surround you with a high vibrational field of energy through specific breathing techniques which amplify the life force energy. The energy of the area that feels stuck finally has the opportunity to raise its vibration and be released into the higher frequency. It may start to reveal its deeper purpose and its power and energy – so it can be transformed into working FOR you rather than AGAINST you, and you can move on with increased understanding, wisdom, momentum and connectedness.

Please contact me for further details….

Email: kathryn@shiningonline.com, Facebook Page Shining Online, Twitter @KathrynVere